About Lendings

What is a seed library?

Like traditional library services, a seed library provides access to a resource. Access to diverse varieties of plants is important to our community and by selecting and saving seeds from plants which thrive, over generations, there are opportunities to cultivate a collection of seeds which excel in our growing region.


Packets, containing enough seeds for about 10-15 plants, are checked out to members. Members grow the seeds and enjoy their harvest while letting a few plants return to seed. These new seeds are then returned to the library for the next growing season’s collection. 


What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Access to a free collection of diverse seeds
  • Being part of a community sustained project
  • Participating in workshops and educational events to support you throughout the growing season
  • Share the stories and the seeds of the plants you cultivate so others may discover them   


When is the collection available?

Members may borrow seed during the spring season.  We will accept returned seed in the autumn.  The Seed Library will be available during the operating hours of the MacRae Library.