About Donations

  • Seeds can be donated to us in the autumn.
  • We will only accept seed from members with a valid borrowing agreement and assumption of risk waiver on file, commercial vendors, or sister seed libraries.
  • Varieties must be non-hybridized and non-genetically modified.
  • Seed may not be any known invasive species in Atlantic Canada.
  • Seed names must be compliant with the Seed Act; varieties with restricted registrations and plants with novel traits (PNT's) or those varieties derived from PNT's will not be accepted.
  • Seed must have a minimum germination rate of 70%.
  • Seed must be selected from your healthiest plants.
  • The seed must be dry and cleaned of debris to the best of the member’s ability.
  • All seed must be accompanied by sowing and growing information, harvest date and the donor's name.
  • Please include isolation distances and minimum populations if returning Intermediate or Master level seeds

What are restricted plant registrations?

There are certain varieties of plants that are registered and we are unable to accept those seeds for the collection.  For more information:



How do I know what isolation distances to follow?

We recommend using the Seeds of Diversity's How to Save Your Own Seeds, available in our library or the Seed Savers Exchange online resource available at: http://www.seedsavers.org/Education/Seed-Saving-Instructions/


How to test for a germination rate?

  1. Moisten paper towel (wet but not dripping).
  2. Select seeds to be tested at random. 10 seeds are the bare minimum for testing purposes.
  3. Place seeds on one side of the paper towel. Fold paper towel in half and place inside a partially sealed plastic bag that has been labeled to indicate variety.
  4. Place seeds in a warm location.
  5. Check seeds every day for 14 days. Seeds that sprout are counted as viable, seeds that fail to sprout or become molded or rotted are marked “not viable”. Keep paper towel moist.
  6. Calculate your seed viability (i.e. if 7 out of 10 seeds sprout your germination rate is 70%).